A Dream Come True. eliteUSA Visits Gabriela Hearst at NYFW 🗽💕


Fall is here, which means it is Fashion Month around the world. First stop? New York City! Second stop? The Gabriela Hearst Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear runway show. Noted for her chic and sustainably-minded designs, Gabriela Hearst is quickly gaining momentum within the fashion world and the environmentally concerned world at large.


During NYFW, eliteUSA had the pleasure of visiting Gabriela Hearst’s Upper East Side boutique and Brooklyn bound runway show. A-list celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes and Gigi Hadid have been sighted carrying Gabriela Hearst handbags (some of which boast an extensive waiting list) but we love Gabriela Hearst for many reasons beyond her celebrity stamp of approval and in-demand handbags. 


In addition to running her namesake brand, Gabriela is the Creative Director of the acclaimed French fashion house—Chloé. Gabriela Hearst is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, environmentalist, philanthropist, mother and go-getter who’s making big waves in the luxury fashion industry given her unique design perspective and commitment to sustainable fashion. “We belong to nature. Nature is not ours for the taking.” — Gabriela Hearst


Gabriela Hearst’s ethereal designs and sensitivity toward Mother Earth are rooted on and off the runway. This is especially true while Gabriela simultaneously manages her family’s 17,000 acre ranch in Paysandu, Uruguay while designing. Born in Uruguay, Gabriela stays true to her family’s agricultural ties and honors the culture, community and tradition in which she was raised.


Take a closer look at Gabriela’s work and it’s evident that tradition outweighs trend. Equal to the family ranch Gabriela operates, Gabriela’s luxury fashion brand is a family business—operating under the same principles as the ranch. These principles include sustainable practice, commitment to quality and delivering nothing but the best. As a result, Gabriela Hearst is described as an ‘honest luxury’ brand. Every collection piece reflects a slower pace and process of making. Items are made with care, craft, attention to detail and the intention to last.


To Best Explain Our Runway Experience, We Asked (& Answered) Questions About Gabriela Hearst & Her Spring 2023 RTW Collection. 


What Was The Most Interesting Part of The Collection & Runway Experience?

We believe the show’s conscientious decision to be inclusive, not exclusive, made the runway experience and collection shine. The models were of varying ages, genders, races and sizes. Gabriela even cast a handful of friends to walk in the show! It was an all-encompassing, supportive community walking the runway.

The collection remained true to Gabriela’s minimalist, modest and chic vision while stitching in playful elements like collage. The collection was formed from the most beautiful fabrics. The color palette remained neutral with illuminating accents of gold. We spotted lots of draped cashmere shawls—perfect for chillier occasions. In essence, the collection offered something fresh for everyone while remaining true to Gabriela’s signature style.


How Would You Describe The Mood of The Show?

If we had to choose one word to describe the mood of the moment, it would be powerful. We left the show feeling empowered and inspired. The Resistance National Revival Chorus sang while the show took place. The chorus added an emotional element, one that brought tears to the audience’s eyes. The atmosphere was joyous and spirited with hands clapping to the beat of the choir. We later learned the collection’s inspiration stems from Gabriela’s intellectual interest in Sappho—the Archaic Greek poet, known for her lyric poetry. Once the show concluded, Gabriela made an appearance—dancing energetically out onto the center stage. It was a lovely, free spirited ending that made the audience smile.


Who Did You See at The Runway Show?

We spotted the editor-in-chief of ELLE magazine, Nina García, lots of fashion bloggers and we had the honor of hosting our very own special guest—Nojoud Alrumaihi. Nojoud is a style star. She is an entrepreneur with a Master’s in Marketing. In addition to her profound influence on Social Media, Nojoud has a creative mind and seasoned eye for fashion and all things luxury. Watch our time with Nojoud here and don’t forget to follow Nojoud on Instagram via @nojoud_alrumaihi for more style inspiration!


Why is Gabriela Hearst a Fashion Success?

One facet of Gabriela Hearst’s success story we deeply admire is her rise in popularity through her ingenious designs. This is exactly where every designer wants to be—where design is the powerhouse, not branding. In this way, Gabriela Hearst is modest. She showcases her talents as a designer and prefers a client to purchase an item because they love the item, not a logo.


Why Should I Included Gabriela Hearst In My Wardrobe?

Gabriela Hearst offers something for everyone at every avenue of their life. Gabriela Hearst pieces can be worn to work, to a dinner party, to formal celebrations and on vacation. Gabriela Hearst is a true lifestyle brand that caters to fashion lovers who seek a brand that conveniently fits into their life, style and lifestyle combined. 


What is Your Favorite Piece From The Collection? 

We thought you may ask! Plus, we have a few favorites. Check-out our top collection picks and styling notes below.