Which Kelly Dépêches is The Best?


And just like that, autumn has arrived which means a busy season is upon us! Leaves swirl in the blustery wind and we are caught in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Children are back in school, college students have returned to campus and work calendars have turned the page for professionals. 


So, What’s The Perfect Bag For A Busy Body This Season? 

We’re glad you asked! Everyone knows Hermès bags are stylish, no matter the occasion. They are also the object of great affection for so many. Surely, Hermès icons like the Birkin and Kelly are the epitome of high style, but there are Hermès bags for pragmatic occasions as well. eliteUSA stylists agree—it’s time to take a closer look at the Kelly Dépêches. Cousins with Kelly, Kelly Dépêches bags don’t disappoint. Available in a variety of irresistible colors and sizes, we decided to highlight two of our favorite Kelly Dépêches bags—the 36 and the 25 Pouch. 



Kelly Dépêches 36 – Not Just A Briefcase

Stylish and studious, we promise this bag will go the extra mile. The Dépêches 36 is a bag, a briefcase and so much more! Whether you wear this bag to the office or offline, we promise you’ll want to add a Dépêches 36 to your bag collection. Available in an assortment of classic, neutral colors, the Dépêches 36 is guaranteed to never go out of style. We especially love a two-toned Dépêches 36, like the one featured above. The smaller, frontal pocket and linear back pocket offer the right amount of functional detail and charm. Additionally, the front pocket fits a phone for easy access.

The Dépêches 36 boasts minimal design and key functionality. The signature turn lock is characteristic of the Kelly and the overall construction of the bag is impeccable. Use the Dépêches 36 to hold a laptop or an iPad, along with whatever else you need throughout the day. The Dépêches 36 is lightweight but offers durability. When life gets complicated, you know this bag will keep you organized! Perfect for the modern-day woman or man, we promise this unisex Hermès bag will easily accommodate your life and your personal style. 



Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch  – Wristlet By Day & Clutch By Night 

Did someone say, PKW (Phone, Keys, Wallet)? Say less! The Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch will keep these three lifelines together. Unlike the Dépêches 36, the Dépêches 25 Pouch is compact. Nevertheless, it’s spacious enough to fit your everyday essentials. Ready for an additional bonus? The Dépêches 25 Pouch is like owning three Hermès bags in one! A must-have for Hermès collectors, the Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch is a wristlet, a wallet and a clutch. In addition to being both chic and practical, we find the versatility of this bag to be its biggest selling point. Wear the Dépêches 25 casually during the day or elevate it into an evening bag by removing the looped handle. Voilà! Now you have a classic Hermès clutch. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or at a soiree—the Dépêches 25 Pouch delivers, no matter the occasion. Watch a reel featuring the perfect way to style a Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch via our Instagram page, here!



Well, What Do You Think?

Are you leaning more toward the Kelly Dépêches 36 or the Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch? It’s a tough decision, we know. If you have product-related or styling questions, contact eliteUSA’s expert team of personal shoppers. We can’t wait to hear from you!