The Serendipitous Story Behind The World’s Most Coveted Bag—The Birkin



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It’s no surprise that our stylists often receive requests for Birkin Bags, and it’s no secret that we LOVE to buy Birkins for our clients!

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Without question, the Birkin bag is the original IT Bag. And although this celebrated bag is loved worldwide, many lovers of Hermès don’t know the star studded history behind the starlet favored icon. 

The Story 

In 1984, actress and singer, Jane Birkin, was aboard a flight to London. While traveling, Jane was upgraded and unbeknowingly found herself seated next to a gentleman named Thierry Hermès—the founder and father of Hermès. 

In route, Jane held onto her purse—full of papers and personal items. On accident, Jane’s purse fumbled and her items flew out. Hermès kindly suggested that Jane’s bag needed pockets. Jane candidly replied, ‘Well, Hermès doesn’t make a bag with pockets!’ ‘Well, good thing I am Hermès!’ said Thierry. 

At this moment, Jane lent Hermès her bag and insisted he, per his suggestion, add pockets! Jane sketched what she called her dream bag, handed it to Hermès and said, ‘Please make my dream bag bigger than the Kelly, but no larger than my luggage!’ In her mind, Jane’s dream bag was large enough to carry her everyday essentials. It contained functional and secure pockets that ensured nothing would fall out and—especially on the go or in the air. 

A month later, Jane received a call from Paris, asking her to visit Atelier Hermès. Jane assessed the prototype in-person and with Jane’s approval, the newly designed creation was named after her. Henceforth, Jane’s bag—the Birkin bag, became the best selling, most infamous Hermès bag, which reigns true today, four decades later. 

As a result of sheer coincidence, the worldwide symbol of status and style was born. Who would have guessed a serendipitous moment such as this would seal the future of fashion forever? 

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معاكم eliteUSA -خدمة المتسوق الشخصي .

لا شك  إن خبراء تسوقنا يلبون طلباتكم بشراء Birkin الجنطة المرغوبة من قبل أرقى الزبائن فيجميع أنحاء العالم بكل الحب والمتعة ،ونحرص على توفيرها بكل الألوان والمقاسات وأنواع الجلد المختلفة من  الطبيعي والنادر حتى نحقق لكم أمنياتكم ..

ولأنها الأكثر طلباً وشهرة حبينا نعرفكم على قصة صنع الجنطة الأشهر من Hermes!

في سنة (١٩٨٤)الممثلة والمغنية جين بيركين كانت في رحلة سفرها إلى لندن وصدفةً كانت جالسة بجانب التاجرثيري هيرميز مؤسس دار هيرميز .

وبدون قصد وقعت حقيبتها المليئة بالأوراق وأشيائها الشخصية ،وبلطف اقترح عليها حقيبة بتفاصيلوجيب تتسع لأشيائها فردّت  بلباقة هيرميز لا تصنع حقائب بالجيب ليجيبها حسناً لحسن الحظ أناهيرميز!



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